Festival Programme KDF005 Winter Edition!

KARLOVAC DANCE FESTIVAL 005 │ Winter edition! │ Festival of contemporary dance and performing arts│ KDF 005

Festival Programme:

Thursday 12.02.2015. 20h │ City theatre Zorin dom

Dance Performance: 

''YOU'' │ Masa Dance Company │Choreography: Aleksandra Mišić i Ognjen Vučinić 

Friday 13.02.2015. 19h │ Info point Free Dance

Dance film&video screenings:  ‘’eks10’’

Video screening: ''eks10: Critics''

Authors: Jelena Mihelčić and Nives Sertić
Producer: Maja Marjančić
Music: Zvuk broda
Production: ekscena, November 2011 -- March 2013

TV Presentation   eks10:  Natalija Manojlović, Željka Sančanin, Nensi Lazić Ukrainczyk, Selma Banich, Sandra Banić Naumovski, Marjana Krajač, Silvija Marchig

Authors: Jelena Mihelčić and Nives Sertić

Production: ekscena (Experimental Free Scene)

Saturday 14.02.2015.   10.00 – 15.00h

Dance workshop with Maja Drobac: ''contemporary dance with elements of BHARATANATYAMA’’


More info:

''YOU'' │ Masa Dance Company │ Aleksandra Mišić and Ognjen Vučinić 

“Intimacy cannot actually be rushed. It is a process, not an event. Intimacy cannot be steered. Just like a feeling, it can not be kept or repeated at will. Intimacy is observed, not created.” 

Dance performance YOU is inspired by the poetry of Enes Kišević (Sun, Wind and You). This impressive dance duet, incorporating also  video, evolves into an intimate dance story that speaks about intimacy, life and its cycles. 
The poem is recited by actor Robert Kurbaša who is also responsible for the incorporation of the video component as a way of bringing poetry into everyday life.


- Paviljon Katzler, Radićeva bb
- Festival Office F.R.E.E.D.A.N.C.E Info point, Križanićeva 13
Pre-sale ticket price: 30,00 kn

Ticket price on the day of the show: 40,00 kn

Children, students, pensioners: 20,00 kn   

Info: 099 388 72 07; 099 388 73 07


Friday 13.02.2015. 19h │ Info point Free Dance

Dance film&video screenings:  ‘’eks10’’

Authors: Jelena Mihelčić and Nives Sertić

''eks10'' was realised 2011 – 2013  and  is a project celebrating the 10th anniversary of ekscena. ekscena (Experimental Free Scene) is an independent organization with the goal of promoting and affirmation of contemporary dance and other forms of performing arts, which has in the past 10 years contributed in different ways to development of contemporary dance in Croatia. eks10 project uses online videos to note and communicate the poetics of different dance artists that have worked or still work as part of the ekscena coordination team or that have created their work using the ekscena platform. Today, all of them are relevant artists on the Croatian dance scene, making it specific and progressive. They are: Selma Banich, Sandra Banić Naumovski, Mila Čuljak, Marjana Krajač, Nensi Ukrainczyk, Natalija Manojlović, Silvia Marchig, Maja Marjančić, Barbara Matijević, Željka Sančanin, Zrinka Šimičić, Sanja Tropp Frühwald, Zrinka Užbinec and Petra Zanki, even though this list could be longer.

Saturday 14.02.2015. Workshop with Maja Drobac: ''Contemporary dance with elements of BHARATANATYAMA’’


Venue: tbc

Fee: 80,00 kn

‘’Contemporary dance with the elements of Bharatanatyam’’ is a workshop intended for those who want to try both physical embodiment of contemporary western dance and classical Indian dance. The base and foundation of this workshop will be contemporary dance, but with elements of Bharatanatyam (classical Indian dance) which Maja Drobac has been studying for ten years in India. The idea is to build awareness of safe dance practice and body awareness that will support as a basis for advancement of new dance practices enriched with rhythms, hand gestures and an entirely different set-up of the body.

Bharatanatyam is the most popular of the Indian classical dance forms in South India. Bharatanatyam has three main aspects namely Nritta, Nritya, and Natya; where Nritta is the demonstration of rhythm through graceful body movements, Nritya can be described as an explanatory dance as it forms a combination of rhythm and expression depicting a story through facial expressions & body movements and it transmits poetic meaning with the help of rhythmical expression and gestures of the body, while Natya is the dramatic element of classical Indian dance where is emphasized only expression of the dancers.

KDF005 is supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Karlovac,  Karlovac County, Karlovac Tourist board.

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